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We Are Committed To The Truth!

But God Magazine is a christian magazine for women that was inspired by God and aims to provide content and resources of quality and integrity. This is a quarterly self improvement publication that will help you grow your roots in Jesus. Here you'll find pages of hope and encouragement with real stories of “But God moments” that we can hold on to forever.

For more information about Christianity, we recommend checking out the Bible (it is the source, after all) and finding a good local church w
here you can meet other people like you. In case you have any questions, please reach out to

Our Founder

Thais Eliasen, Editor-in-chief and Founder of But God Magazine is a PR agent and entrepreneur. She has learned in the grounds of Brazilian dirt, green grasses, beaches, in the warm solo of Africa, & since 2008 here in the United States.

Thais is a believer, Purple Belt in jiu-jitsu, multi-tasker & problem solver. She loves the beach, trying new foods, traveling, and her pets. Yet the very best of it all is being a mother to four beautiful children and sharing life with her husband Alexandre.

"As a publicist, a mother, wife, and follower of Jesus I have looked for a publication that would enrich me, challenge me, fill my spirit and keep me updated in the world we live in with healthy recipes, ideas, products, workouts, etc. Unsuccessfully, I just stopped looking for it. One day on a chilled Southern California evening I was showering, and I felt God was planting an idea in my mind. What if I started such a publication? What if I gave it a try? What if I did what I could with what I had and whom I knew? If you know me, I am not one who lives with a mind full of 'what ifs'. After thought, prayer, and many chats with my husband Alex and my PR team, we birthed “But God", a Publication for Christian Women. Pages of hope and encouragement with real stories of “But God moments” that we can hold on to forever."


Thais Eliasen

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