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The Discipline of Obedience

This issue features Glenia Alexandre's journey in learning how to be obedient to God's calling. Whether in personal or professional areas of our lives, discipline and obedience will always take us further!



The Walk With God

This issue features the Walk with God of Vera Jimenez. Vera takes a deep reflection of God´s calling for generational wealth.

It´s official: First anniversary! Enjoy this special edition.

Holiday2023 BUT GOD MAGAZINE.png


Holiday 2023 Edition

This issue features Vanderkwaak, a woman of God who raised her voice and is impacting lives all around the globe. The columnists Deise Eliasen, Vera Jimenez and Michelle Schaffer shared insights on the "Breaking News" and how to spread the Gospel & Discover now how to help your children live at their full potential with the power of the Brain!

Summer2023 BUT GOD MAGAZINE (1).png


Summer 2023 Edition

This issue features Adriana Suyama, the mom of 4 who lost her husband to cancer and is founding a non-profit organization. The columnists Deise Eliasen, Vera Jimenez and Michelle Schaffer shared insights on the "Joy of the Lord" and how to live on a Joyful lifestyle. & Celebrity hairstylist shared the top 4 tips on Summer Hair Revival!

Spring2023 BUT GOD MAGAZINE.png


This issue features Christina Smallwood, an adoptee mother of four beautiful children who got to find beauty in her grief. The columnists Deise Eliasen and Vera Jimenez shared insights on the second chances, or unlimited chances, God gives us to learn from our mistakes and grow our faith. 


This issue features an array of "But God Moments" as told by our columnists Michelle Schaffer, Denise Eliasen and Vera Jimenez, regarding new found faith and self acceptance. Discover the inspiring stories of Pastor Roxanne Vargas and her congregation as well as Melinda Watts, who found a unique way of impacting others with her talent, while juggling motherhood. 

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